I am first and foremost a Chicago White Sox fan, but I love baseball in general. I have adopted the Los Angeles Dodgers as my NL team, due to my stadium trip buddy being a Dodgers fan. I am also a fantasy baseball nut. I have a goal of getting to all the active baseball stadiums. The crossed off stadiums in the sidebar are the ones I have made it to thus far.

When I go to a stadium for the first time, I attempt to find a stadium t-shirt and I have been surprisingly successful (though I refuse to get a Wrigley Field one). I also have some miscellaneous shirts, mostly of the White Sox variety, from various playoffs and my trip to the All Star Game at the Cell in 2003.

Below, Dad and I playing catch at Family Field Fun Day at what was then US Cellular Field on May 15, 2010. In a common theme you will pick up on, Mom took the picture.