Carlton Fisk is one of my all time favorite players! I also had a pair of gray Carlton Fisk shorts I wore the heck out of too. We won’t discuss the Carlton Fisk growth chart that was a game day giveaway that hung in my room as a kid and I still have…

My 1993 Chicago White Sox Western Division Champs shirt. I wore this shirt out!

2000 Crosstown Classic t-shirt. Before interleague play became a common thing.

2000 American League Central Champs!

2000 American League Division Series vs Mariners. I went to one of these games. I remember listening to the games during my law school night classes with the headphones run up my sleeve and leaning on my hand. 🙂

2001 Crosstown Classic t-shirt.

2002 Crosstown Classic shirt.

2003 Crosstown Classic shirt.

2003 All Star Game. I had weekend season tickets this year, so we got All Star Game tickets.

Go American League! This was the first All Star Game that “counted” for World Series home field advantage.

2005 American League Central Champs shirt, front and back.

2005 American League Division Series matchup t-shirt.

2005 American League Champions! Off to face the Astros in the World Series!


Inaugural Sox Pride Club shirt. 2007.

Found my old (and now very small) 1983 and 1989 style jerseys when cleaning out the crawl space at Mom and Dad’s house.