Comiskey Park
Formerly the home of the Chicago White Sox

Comiskey Park opened July 1, 1910 and closed September 30, 1990 and had a seating capacity of 43,951.
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I don’t have a picture of me at Old Comiskey Park (that I can find anyway) but I was at the last night game at the Original Comiskey Park with my dad and I have this t-shirt from the final game.

Olympic Stadium
Formerly the home of the Montreal Expos

Olympic Stadium opened for baseball April 15, 1977 (the Expos left in 2004) and had a baseball seating capacity of 43,739.
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I went to an Expos game in July of 2003. I was in Montreal for the Barbershop International Competition and our flight out was cancelled due to weather and so we decided to get tickets to the game. The place was virtually empty and it was huge. I did get a t-shirt but for the life of me, I can’t find it. It was too small for me, so I may have gotten rid of it. I know I had some pictures too, including one of Youppi, but I can’t find those either, but Daniel can vouch for my having been there…

Busch Memorial Stadium
Formerly the home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Memorial Stadium opened May 12, 1966 and closed for baseball October 19, 2005 and had a seating capacity for baseball of 49,676.
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This shirt is from the final year of Original Busch Stadium. I went to the game with Joe and Chase on June 25, 2005. It was really hot and they were playing Pittsburgh during interleague week (they were the odd teams out). Cardinals won 8-0.

Turner Field
Formerly the home of the Atlanta Braves

Turner Field opened March 29, 1997 and closed in October 2, 2016. It had a seating capacity of 49,586.
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Me at Turner Field for the final season (July 28, 2016). Mom joined me for the long road trip and took the picture. Stadium 25/30 (until they opened the new stadium next year…). Phillies beat the Braves 7-5.

Stadium shirt commemorating the final season of Turner Field.

Globe Life Park
Former home of the Texas Rangers

Globe Life Park (formerly Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, The Ballpark in Arlington, and Ameriquest Field in Arlington) opened April 1, 1994 and closed for baseball in 2019. It had a seating capacity of 49,170.
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Dennis and I at Rangers Ballpark, July 28, 2012. The White Sox beat the Rangers 9-5. Chris Sale v Yu Darvish. Youk and Alexei homered.

They actually had several shirts that at least mentioned the stadium. They had 2 that were specifically stadium Ts and this one was significantly better than the other which was like the Toronto and Detroit ones.